Wednesday, October 30, 2013

    My mama says people come into your life for a reason.
That may or may not be true, but honestly, it does't matter
when or where or why someone came into your life, it just
matters that their there.
     My bestfriends name is Abby Keyes She's a beautiful
person, inside and out. Honestly, I know I can tell her
anything, and she'll never tell a soul. Thats just her. She
like someone wh has been paying her extra attention
to her lately, but even if it doesn't turn out rigt with him and
shes upset she wi still put aside her problems and honestly
car while I talk to her about mine.
       I hop each and everyone of you has someone like that..
An if not, I'm more than happy to be them for you. <3
   My name is Tress Thorne. I want to personally welcome
all of you to my new blog. I'm excited to get to know my
reades while they get to know me. Some fun facts about
me are:
     1. I love cute quotes. (and guys)
     2. I think about things differently than most people.
     3. Pink is my favorite color
     4. The boy I like will probably never notice me
     5. THIS ISN'T JUST ANOTHER BLOG. Give me a chance
          guys, you won't regret it.